Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Please say I’m done: Chronicles of the unemployed, Day 14/15


First of all, my unemployment claim was approved. Yay! The Department of Labor agreed that I left for a situation beyond my control , which makes the whole unemployed this a lot easier. It’s not easy to get unemployment when you quit. I really had to back up my claim—and I did! Thankyouverymuch. smile_shades

It’s been a busy few days of late. Last Thursday and Friday, I began this project:

004 003

I was painting the blue spare bedroom orange—apricot nectar to be precise.  I knew the blue was dark, but I figure two coats would suffice.

002  008


Hah! It took THREE, count ‘em! 1! 2! 3 coats!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate painting?


Well, I hate painting. It makes my neck ache and my shoulders hurt, and it’s one of the few things that causes my carpal tunnel to yell at me. (I have such a mild case of carpal tunnel that most times I forget about it…except when I’m painting that is.)

Painting also brings back the dreaded ladder…


Although it’s much cuter adorned with a kitty (cell phone picture was the best I could do).

kitty on ladder

Although, the ladder and I have come to an agreement; I graduated to a step higher (most of the time comfortably). And I actually don’t need to be that high to paint a room. Painting my foyer, however, is going to be a different story altogether (ugh).

This painting fun is almost done (in this room anyway). Alleluia!!! I just have the baseboards and the window trim to paint. Yay! I don’t actually mind that.

But first I have to go to the grandpa’s and scrape and prime his windows. Want to join me?

Before I leave you, some more cute kitty photos. Jasmine has decided that she likes the spare bedroom mattress where it’s been relocated during the painting process, and Salem likes the bookshelf on its side (but he didn’t cooperate for that photo, so you get a different one).

012 014 

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