Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedded Wednesday: My Wedding Planning Advice


My installation for this week’s Wedded Wednesday.


Last May I had a boyfriend. June I had a fiancé. July I had a husband. And it was the best series of decisions I have ever made—that is to plan a wedding in a month and a half.

Some people, actually I’m pretty sure most people, thought I was nuts. And at least half of them were watching my waistline and counting the months. Hehe. There are still no squirming babies in this house and it’s been over a year.

We made the decision to marry sooner rather than later for quite a few reasons. I didn’t want anyone to change their minds smile_wink.

Actually, We were closing on a house in August, and I wasn’t moving in until we were married (yeah, so what if I’m a prude?). Besides getting married, packing (although I have some wonderful packing siblings who did most of that for us), and all the shiza that comes with closing on a house (and believe me the seller’s agent was crazay and kept threatening to put the house back on the market) all in the same month? No. Thank. You.

And so we got engaged the end of May and married mid-July. And it was just what I wanted (except for the fact that my aunts got in a car accident right before the wedding and couldn’t comesmile_sad).

I spent $40 at JCPenneys’ on a white cotton eyelet dress (I bought it in February-ish. Hey,when you find your dream dress you gotta buy it!) and almost as much on the shoes—lol. I wore my mother’s veil. I just swapped out her fabric roses for some daisies.

We wanted to get married at a local vineyard/winery/farm and they had one day open in July—a Sunday. So that determined the date.


A short time frame means you can invite everyone without offending, and still keep the guest list small.

We had a custom made wedding ring for me—the diamond a gift from my mother-in-law and the custom work from a family friend. We decided just to have one ring—an engagement ring for just a month sounded silly.

My bridesmaids had dresses from previous weddings that ironically matched. I was happy that they could reuse their dresses. Gorgeous aren’t they?


And their dresses fit my color scheme. Even in a month and a half you can have a color scheme for your dresses, flowers, cake and invitations (which another of my talented sisters designed).


My music was arranged my by brother and sister on an MP3 player and a different brother was responsible for starting and stopping it.

Today when I hear how much people spend on their dress, let along their wedding I shutter. But I had my dream wedding, they can have theirs.

At the time I wondered if I would regret the quickness. I didn’t have an engagement ring to flash. I didn’t have a bridal shower (my mom offered, but I felt it would be rude to invite people who weren’t invited to the wedding and people would feel obligated to buy two gifts in a matter of a month). Rather than a crazy party, I had a bachelorette dinner…tame and prude-y just like I wanted it. And we didn’t take a honeymoon right away (that’s next month—yay!).

But do you know what? I don’t regret it. Not one bit. I avoided some mega-drama. There was some drama, but I couldn’t image a whole year of it. The drama would have exploded [shudder]. We kept it affordable. I didn’t lose my mind hoping everything went ok.

We were able to enjoy our wedding. It wasn’t like those weddings that the bride and groom don’t remember or enjoy. We enjoyed. We remember. 


Every time I hear someone’s wedding planning stories, complaints of family wanting the wedding their way or stating the price tag of their wedding, I shudder and smile. I mentally pat myself on my back…this is what I avoided.

I would recommend this to anyone…well, most anyone. If you won’t be happy without a custom-made dress, this is not for you. No one will custom make a dress in a month. If you need to be married on  specific day, for instance 11/11/11 or 12/12/12, this is not for you. That day will be booked a year in advance. If you need to marry in a specific church or temple, this may not be for you. There are specific time frames and steps that need to be followed (although we did marry in the church last November, as that was important to me). If you have to have a grand orchestrated affair, well good luck.

My small, simple wedding meant that the focus was on what was important. My husband and I making a promise to ourselves to love, cherish and honor.



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