Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ewww gross!


I interrupt my cute Disney posts with this…


This is not a Halloween Decoration…this is a ginormous spider (do you see the light reflecting off his eyes?) that Marc found in our house the day before we left for Disney. Ew!

It was so big that Marc would not kill it. He claims that it would make too much of a mess. And we all know I’m not killing that sucker. So marc trapped it in a plastic container, with a little finagling of cardboard and flip floppingness. That’s after it started to dart down the hallway and made me scream. I know, it’s sad.

I hate spiders in my house. I mean I went and examined it and took a picture. Had it been outside it would be cool, but NOT. IN. MY. HOUSE. In my house means potential for crawling on me—so not cool.

We have another eight-legged resident:


This fella lives outside our living room window (therefore the terrible picture—the cameras won’t focus on the spider, they prefer the tree). He eats bees and flies and repairs his web at night. I dubbed “him” a “he” as I don’t want “him” to be a “her” and lay eggs.

I could blast him off with the hose, but what if he falls on me? Gro-oss. And he’s actually very interesting to watch. Come over and see.

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