Friday, October 22, 2010

I’m gonna decorate my home like Disney World does…

Any objections?

Seriously, the Fall/Halloween decor (we’ll ignore the fact that Christmas decorations were going up at Hollywood Studios) of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is right up my alley. Super cute, just look…


DSCN2700   DSCN3148     DSCN3150S1050338 S1050340 S1050342 S1050343  DSCN3152 DSCN3153DSCN3158

Even Cinderella’s carriage is decked out in style for the holiday:



Mickey and Minnie’s Halloween spirit is shown in their homes too.


See we fit right in. Yep this is how I need to decorate my home. First item on the list: find Mouse shaped pumpkins….


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