Monday, October 25, 2010


We will take a short break from the fun and happy posts to vent.

I had an interview today. Woohoo yay…

I went into the interview, not knowing what I would do if offered the job. It’s second shift and I was unclear about much of the job itself.

I think now that I would probably take it if offered. It’s not a bad position. There’s opportunity for advancement and to move to first shift. It’s Spanish speaking and dealing with International clientele. Both of my major wants in a job.

So the venting?

That comes from how the interview began. “After looking at your resume, it appears you maybe overqualified in some areas for this position.”

Overqualified. I think I hate that word. Seriously I do.

For the last position I was turned down for, I kinda sorta understood the overqualified part. They were looking for High School diploma—I have a Bachelor’s. Still I think I’d have liked that job, and been good at it.

But for this position, they asked for a Bachelor’s degree. They asked for bilingual. Good people skills. I looked at the job description and I met every qualification. There aren’t many that I can do that for (although that doesn’t stop me from applying). So I think “a job I’m really qualified for, cool.”

Or not…

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