Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fireworks and Parades

Howdy interweb world. I’m back. I was banished from the webbed world yesterday—that’s for another time, or not. It’s not very interesting.

But do you know what is interesting?

Disney World of course. Specifically the firework/laser show and the parades. In the plural. And you have to go to them all. Seriously. I’m not actually sure how I got hubs to all of them, but he went. And willingly too.

First there is the classical Disney, the Magic Kingdom Parade…

104 which continued Disney World’s 2010 theme of Celebrate Today!

It was very cute…and very hot because it was our first parade. We hadn’t yet learned to find a shaded spot. But we did sit down 45 minutes early, because we were tired of walking, and quickly learned that is actually the only way to get a good seat/spot (we actually had to stand because we had to stand to see over all the people).

The Magic Kingdom Fireworks were spectacular! Narrated by Jiminy Cricket they had a story line and the fireworks and the colors illuminating the Castle changed to match the tone of the tale. Just as the beginning of every Disney movie Tinkerbell flew out from the Castle! A real person! So cool.


Night pictures are a challenge because you have to hold the camera still so the castle is a little shaky, but I love my camera’s firework setting. For this too you need to show up early to get a seat, but it follows the Electrical Parade (I have no pictures of this, my camera can’t handle bright lights moving at night) which is also very neat. Since it’s in the evening at least you don’t need to worry about finding a shady spot.

Then there’s Epcot’s laser and firework show. Illuminations! Reflections of Earth (and you have to say it like that, with “Illuminations!” being an exclamation and “Reflections of Earth” being deep and narrator-like). Being a show involving fireworks, lasers, fire, water and moving parts, good pictures were hard to get, but we got a few

Next is the Animal Kingdom Parade. Nothing screams Lion King like this parade. All the characters are dressed in safari costume, and the floats? Well they are just amazing.


A float moved by a man pedaling a crocodile bike? Ingenious! And while my camera’s battery died (What? I don’t have a taking-too-many-pictures-of-animals-problem) and hubs’ camera had a temporary spazz out, we got quite  a few good pics.

Lastly, the Hollywood Studios Block Party Bash Parade (we never had a chance to see Hollywood Studios’ light show). We weren’t planning on staying for this—Hollywood Studios just didn’t hold our attention. I had some shopping I “needed” to do and we happened to be in a shop along the route that had a patio of sorts perfect for viewing the parade in the shade. Score! We are so glad that we got to see this because it was by far the most fun. It was exclusively Pixar characters (Bug's Life, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, the Incredibles, etc.) and so cute. The parade would actually stop along the route for a full twenty minutes at a time. There was dancing, singing, trampoline acts and crowd interactions. Simply awesome!


If you do nothing a Hollywood Studios but see this parade, your time was still well spent.

And only Disney would have fireworks during the day.


And of course there are more Parade pictures posted here

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