Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honey isn’t always so sweet

Yesterday was one of those days…you know? THOSE days? When nothing goes right, and not just things don’t go right, but they go down the toilet?

That was Yesterday.

My computer was fighting with me. Not a big deal. It’s starting to age…I was running a full computer scan. It doesn’t multitask well. But looking back on the day…it just added to all the other frustration that followed.

Unemployment. Sick of it. Want a job. That way I don’t have to deal with the Unemployment obnoxiousness (oh by the way, I went to my training—did I tell you I had to go to a class? Well I had to go to a class—after  I missed the rescheduled date because they scheduled it when I was in Disney—and yes I know I couldn’t claim those days. Run on sentence? I don’t care. Ironically, my class was in Niagara County, and everything—ok most things—were qualified with “you live in Erie County so it might be different.” Argh).

Yesterday, I got a call from Mr. Unemployment Man. Apparently they are reviewing my claim. The boss contested. For some reason they gave it to me and not my co-worker. His contesting didn’t matter before and now it does? So I had to retell the situation in detail. I want that job to be gone and done with. I hope it doesn’t go to a hearing. I might look into an  Unemployment attorney. Any recommendations? *#*^*&@

If that wasn’t enough to ruin a day—believe me it is. I get home. I’m putting away dishes…and I notice honey on the clean dishes. Honey! What the heck?! No honey is on the counter. I open the cupboards. There is a large pool of honey on the bottom shelf. And look, there’s the cover to the honey. Where is the jar? *drags over stool* Not on the second shelf. There it is. Lying on it’s side, on the third shelf. Why the heck is it up there? Not that it matters. The honey dripped down all the way from the third shelf to pool on the first. And then, because that wasn’t enough, dripped and pooled onto my clean dishes. Mr. Cute-Honey-Bear-Jar, you’re not so cute anymore. What a mess!

I ate dinner (not much due to a nagging canker sore—didn’t help the day improve any), laid on the couch and fell asleep. At 8 pm. Got up at 10 pm. Went to bed. I wasn’t giving the day another chance.

And so today begins with this (please note: our kitties never cuddle. They don’t sleep touching. They tolerate each other):


And there was kitty bathing other kitty without hissing cuteness too.

Perhaps an omen? Please?

I could use a day like this:


Calm, peaceful, serene…


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