Friday, October 29, 2010

My mother’s NOT a trooper

Ruthless maybe. Competitive yes. Determined most certainly.

A trooper she is not.

Apparently, my brother’s last soccer practice involved a parent-vs.-son soccer game. My mom played for the parents’ team. For those that know my mom, you know where this is headed.

Have any of you played basketball against my mom? Baseball (that’s the safest, it’s mostly no contact)? Football?

If you have, you know she’s out for blood—winning is the only option.

And so when someone posted on my brother’s Facebook page that my mom’s a trooper….well, I’ll show you.

fb mom

(names have be edited to protect the identity of the not-so-innocent).

We were quick to defend her against any who would defame her image. To me the label ‘trooper’ implies “toughing it out when you are struggling.”

And THAT is not my mother. At least in sports, there’s no struggling. That may be the other team, however. Don’t hold back when playing against my mom in deference to her very youthful age, her position as in-law, her title as your substitute teacher or girl scout leader. I’m warning you DON’T HOLD BACK! She won’t, and you just might lose an eye.

Love ya, Mom! Rolling on the floor laughing

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