Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The ‘Shroom Story

Some of you have heard this story. Some of you haven’t had the pleasure, and it’s for you deprived folks that I tell this tale.

So a few years back—when I still worked where I worked, but in our former building—we had frequent flooding during the “rainy season.” The sump pump drained back into the building or some ridiculous nonsense (I hear that the old landlord is facing charges from the town—awesome!). Anyway, the carpet cleaners were frequent visitors to our basement office; and the carpet was often a degree of damp.

One day, when it hadn’t been flooding (ironically), I look down between my desk and the wall and see a piece of paper…or so I thought. But while trying to figure out what it was, I became distracted by white fuzz on the carpet. I called my co-worker over, asking “Is that white fuzz mold?” I touch the carpet (this was under a desk I used as storage but didn’t put my feet under), the carpet was damp…oh gross! Mold.

I brought my attention back to the orange paper thing. My coworker touched it with a pen (or something) and it broke. IT WAS A MUSHROOM! There was mold and mushrooms growing on the floor of my office. Ew. Ew. Ew. We look closer—there’s more. Holy EW!

So in a handful of minutes my office was relocated to the file room, and that’s where I remained until we moved out.

But back to the mold. The landlord, upon being informed of the situation, called the carpet cleaners. There was mold and mushrooms growing on the carpet, and he refused to replace the carpet. Hello, what?! But the calling of the carpet cleaners took some time (like weeks). In the meanwhile the door of my office remained closed—and it stunk. Ew.

Finally the carpet cleaners came—the smell went away, but it was weeks until we convinced that mold and mushrooms (have I mention EW?) growing in a carpet warranted its replacement.

So that story is why this growing in my backyard…24500892456_ORIG

grosses me out a little (although it is a funny looking mushroom I’d have to admit).

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