Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedded Wednesday

There are some days where I just have no motivation. No get up and go. Not idea what to have for dinner. Welcome home, Hubs! I know that’s just the person he wants to greet him after a long day at work. And I know this. Yet sometimes I fail. Completely and totally.

And so, he comes home from work, to a wife with “the blahs” and makes dinner. Usually a very yummy dinner (I mean something more than Kraft Mac ‘n’ cheese). And he doesn’t complain.

And usually that (well dinner helps), his willingness to pick me up, makes “the blahs” go away.

I know, it’s not a deep post as I've had a creativity drain of late. It’s just a simple example of why I love my husband. I think I’m gonna make something yummy for dinner tonight. I’m going out with a friend, but I think he deserves some homemade soup, don’t you?


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