Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi, ho, hi, ho it’s back to work I go…

Monday starts a new adventure. And I don’t think I’m ready! Well I’m up for changes and new starts, but I got used to going back to bed after making hubs’ coffee and lunch. I got used to chilling at home, getting projects done, cuddling with the kitties and getting to see my family a lot. The sentiments from this post, did stick around too long. I quickly learned that sitting around job hunting on the computer all day didn’t accomplish anything. So I’d dedicate time to it everyday, but other than that I worked on the Grandpa’s house, my house, etc.

Going back to work means a steady paycheck—unemployment is the shiza. Yep, a scam. My determination was reverse; I suspect I’ll be asked to pay what I go back. I’m going to talk to an attorney, but I suspect that since I only actually received about four weeks of unemployment pay, the attorney will cost just ask much. But man does it irk me that my former boss wins. They determined that since I was employed by this employer for five years and that I didn’t try to work things out, I didn’t deserve it. I think the five year thing is a crappy excuse and I did try to work things out. Oh well.

Going back to work, especially for the first few weeks of class and training, means leaving my house when I used to GET UP for my last job-gah! Hubs is gonna have to make his own lunch—and I’m gonna have to figure out what I want in mine. I’ll probably still make coffee though because I’m. Gonna. Need. It.

For the first few weeks I get to fight with parking—and pay for it ***UPDATE: My new manager just called to welcome me and answer questions…I don’t have to pay for parking!!!***. The subway station is as far as the office sooo that’s not worth it. Once I start my shift I get paid parking.

Once I start working, I’m not going to be able to lunch with the mother every week Sad smile. No more choir practice, no more AFS meetings, and no more Sabres games.

It is sad. But I’ll deal. I’ve worked worse.

So today, I will enjoy my last weekday off…well until Thanksgiving that is. Time to chill with my lazy little ones.


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