Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And time does fly

So Miss Autumn is THREE WEEKS OLD TODAY. Which, not to be rushing time, means next week…my baby will be a month old. It seems like yesterday—and also like forever ago—we were in the hospital waiting for one stubborn girl to make her appearance (of course we didn’t know she was a she).

Speaking of that day—or days—I just wanted to thank those of you who were thinking of us that day…and especially those who put in a good word with the Man in the sky. They were needed and heard. We had many a guardian angel watching us. Maybe someday that story will hit the interweb world…and then, it might not. Just know we are grateful for all those good wishes sent our way. Now, Marc, ready for Number Two? (heehee)

In all seriousness, we’re going to enjoy Number One for a bit. Snuggle with all the baby softness and enjoy the fresh baby detergent and shampoo smells. My baby gets a bath every night—unless I’m beat—because I can’t get enough of the clean baby smell. And she loves it. No crying for this little Miss…she just stares at me. Any crying that may have occurred during the undressing stage stops immediately when her little bum hits the water.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we have a lot to be thankful for. Autumn has made on church appearance on Sunday…and provided Mommy and Daddy can get moving, she’ll visit Mommy’s childhood church. Wish us luck…I have the right mass time this year—that has been a problem in the past lol—10 am hits this house awfully quickly some mornings.

On that note…Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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