Saturday, November 19, 2011

I’d like to introduce myself, me llamo Autumn…

Hi everyone!

Yes I’m already two weeks old and Mom’s just letting me get to know you all. At this rate she won’t let me date until I’m 25 (or if daddy has a say, never).

2011-11-01 09.54.37

I was born on November 1 at 9:49, after giving my mom a heck of a 34 hour adventure. Maybe you’ll hear that story sometime. I know I will…when I’m sixteen and my mom needs something to hold over my head.

Dad almost got his Halloween baby, but I tricked them…instead they got me on November 1—makes mom happy. And even though daddy was convinced I was a boy, I’ve got him wrapped around my pinky already.

2011-11-01 10.15.47

And even though I’m a big girl, 9 lbs 9 oz and 21 3/4 inches long—at least that’s what I was when I was born—it’s a pretty small pinky.

2011-11-01 09.55.02

I’m a very productive poop machine, and do my best to make every diaper a two-diaper change...I mean wouldn’t you much rather go in a clean diaper than in a dirty one.

I love to eat and sleep, and I love my bath—especially getting my hair washed. My memere says I’m such a girl already. But can you blame me?


Well it’s time for mommy to shower, so I best get my lungs warmed up to tell her I’m hungry Winking smile

It’s nice meeting you. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.



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