Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunny Days, Gloomy Days

I have one of the most sunshine-y babies….except when she’s not. Like today. 

Autumn seems to alternate awake days for sleepy ones. As if she has to rest up from/for the awake days. But also today was unhappy. When she was awake she fussed. Sometimes she was hungry (she’s on a feeding every two hours stint) and then she’d nap. Other times..well…other times she was just mad baby. Very mad baby.

Eventually, I decided to give her Tylenol—thinking maybe her one tooth was bothering her. I still don’t know. She won’t tell me what wrong...

However she does get almost instantly happy on her diaper table…there is a star that Brandy gave her that just makes her smile. I can’t leave her babbling up there all day—it just doesn’t seem the correct  parenting technique.

Then there’s the GloWorm that results in a hypnotic stare…but even sleepy eyes can’t close in the face of the GloWorm. And so I found myself on the floor of the living room, lying on my back with a baby on my chest. My legs were dead asleep and I almost couldn’t get up…by baby napped. And mommy was relieved.

Here’s to sunny skies tomorrow…

I hear the munchkin crying. And so I sign off.

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