Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daddy’s Little Clone

So as I was skimming back to older posts, I realized I alluded to the fact that my child looks like her father. Totally and completely—apart from my toes—my child has none of my physical attributes as of yet. Her features are softening and the stark resemblance to daddy has faded (only slightly) but she still looks like her Daddy.

November 2011:


March 2012:


I have been told on more than one occasion: “I’m sorry but she looks NOTHING like you.”

Oh, well…I’ll deal. There’s always the next one.

Then there’s another trait this child gets from her father. This one is inevitable I suppose. She has a need to grab at phones, iPads, Nooks…although she does try to put them in her mouth. I’m pretty sure her father doesn’t do that.DSC01915"DSC01916

”Technology. Don’t mind if I do.”

Perhaps she’s going to be a musician. Marc has had the munchkin playing the piano app on his iPad, and so I found one for my Nook.

Technology? Don’t mind if I do.

Think she likes it?

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