Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yeah, so I think March came in like a lamb….

Our planet is a mess…It is absolutely 100% not winter-like at all. Heck I think we skipped Spring…Is it wrong of me to enjoy the results of a messed up Earth? (Except for the mosquito bites on the bottom of my foot and the ant invasion beginning early that is)

The temperature has been in the 60-70+ range for days. On Saturday my child was barefoot for the first time in her life (well post-natal anyway—I’m pretty sure she didn’t wear socks in the womb. If that happened I’d love to see the expression on the doctor’s face). And she was in a romper. And it’s March. AND IT’S STILL WINTER!!!!

This weather has also caused a post I had started yesterday to be bumped for this one and all the summer/winter photos of the munchkin.


Sunday, the same thing. I even managed to drag the hubs for a walk.

And today…Autumn and I decided to investigate our neighborhood park. I’m kinda loving the idea that we have a park that we can walk to. So that’s where we went. Munchkin had her first go on a swing. I think she liked it. Granted swinging meant my hand on the swing barely moving it. But since she’s never even been in a baby swing, this is all new.


My big girl is also riding in the stroller without the whole travel system in place (aka no car seat attached). With so much to look at she didn’t fall asleep until the end of the walk.

The other nice thing about bare feet—the world can see the only physical trait my child has as of yet acquired from me…our pinky toes.


My attempts at a Mommy and Munchkin picture…Since no one else takes my picture, I best perfect the self-portrait shot…or take out my Gorilla Pod…


I hope you are all enjoying this “wintery” week as much as we are!

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