Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who jinxed me?

So back in the early days, people came to visit. We went visiting. And my daughter? Well, she rolled with the punches. It was not uncommon for her to be sleeping…anywhere and everywhere.

For instance…



(look how much she has changed from the beginning)

In arms, table, on the boppy….this child was like her father and could fall asleep anywhere. I’d have to have people put her down when it was time to eat or she wouldn’t wake up.  Now…now she must be in a bed—pack n play, my bed, her crib…away from distractions and wrapped tightly (trying to break that need because this warm weather she sweats like crazy when she’s swaddled), with her music playing and her pacifier in her mouth.


When she’s put down in a bed, the minute you start to wrap her she knows it’s time to sleep and is pretty easy to get to sleep. However if you’re out and about and want her to sleep in her car seat, or in your arms….Forget about it. This makes church a blast let me tell you…lol.

The car also isn’t a guarantee. Put her in her seat? She may fall asleep…

DSC01830…or she may not. But she definitely isn’t one of those kids whose fussy spell can be broken by a car ride.  She’ll also often fall asleep on a walk…but usually not until the end of a thirty minute walk. The other day we decided to try the stroller since she could fully recline, and wouldn’t you know she became a chatterbox…no going to sleep there.

But when she does fall asleep in the stroller…boy, isn’t she cute.


Also, my super nurser…the one who was a good feeder from the beginning…yeah that one has decided she only wants to be fed from a bottle during the day. Morning and nights are fine to nurse, but God forbid during the day. Makes it a bit more difficult that’s for sure. I’m bound and determined to make it at least through the 6 month mark with my child getting at least some of the “good stuff.” So even if she gets it in a bottle, she’s at least still getting it.

Yeah so…. who jinxed me…

(It’s so crazy how drastic they change month to month, week to week, day to day. I’m interested in seeing what else will change.)

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