Thursday, March 29, 2012

A deviation from my norm…

So normally my posts are filled with joyful screeches and cute pictures of the munchkin, but this post has been stewing in my head for a while…

I have become an apathetic American, and I hate it. But I have found it increasingly difficult to care about the political state of my country. From uneducated political comments on Facebook annoying the hell out of me—from which I refrain from commenting because I just don’t want to get into that—to political campaigns beginning practically the day after an election. It’s too much in your face.

I hate that people use Facebook as a place to discuss politics. Why? Well frankly there are a ton of people you are friends with on Facebook with whom you would NEVER in a million years discuss politics. As the saying goes, politics falls among religion and money  as three topics that are not brought up in polite company.

Then there’s the whole, I’ll vote for you and your platform, but once you get into your position, Congress, or fellow legislatures, or town boards, etc. etc. etc.…will veto and turn down all the propositions I have voted you into government for. Then the populace will says you didn’t deliver…as president, or country exec, or whatever. But the ignore the fact that the propositions were made, the laws were introduced and shot down…One person is not to blame. In fact usually it’s a majority to blame. A majority I have no control over…and therefore…I get disgruntled…and become quite uncaring.

I do vote…and start paying attention once MY STATE’s primary happens. My feelings are that you can’t complain unless you’ve tried to do something about it. And what I can try to do is get someone I agree with (mostly) into office—and hope that the majority agrees with them.

I hate debates—rarely does any politician answer the questions…annoying. I won’t watch them. I know when they are happening though because my Facebook wall fills up with play by plays of the debates….again, enough with the Facebook politics.

I hate party politics, but try as we might that’s never going to go away. When you have votes split entirely with Democrats voting only with Democrats and Republicans with Republicans…they aren’t voting their conscience. Recently (perhaps today) there was a vote on Big Oil (we are not going to discuss that, how I feel about it or how you feel about it). I believe only three or four crossed party lines. I want to know who they were. I’ll vote for them—clearly they aren’t playing the party politics. When Clinton was up for impeachment (again….not discussing the yea or nay), again the vote was split down the line with only one or two crossing over. I’m sorry, but that wasn’t a situation where politics should have come into play. That was base on fact and law, and personal interpretation. If that indeed was the case Democrats and Republics would not have been so cleanly divided…

And so. Therein lies the cause of my apathy…If you’ve made it this far—I apologize for the rant…I just needed to put this into words somewhere. Maybe some of you feel the same way. Maybe some of you feel I’m ridiculous.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled broadcast….

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