Friday, March 30, 2012

Time and Talent We Treasure

We made an announcement last May and have since realized we know such crafty people. Not just crafty people, but those who are so generous with their time and talent. While we most definitely appreciate all the generosity from ALL our friends and family—no matter in what form it was given--I  thought I’d share a little taste of the handiwork that you all showered on the Munchkin.


This very beautiful and unique (the pattern has since been dubbed the Autumn Rose) blanket was crocheted by my co-worker Adrian. It’s is sooo heavy. Currently, it' serves as Munchkin Central and this is where we play…evidenced by the ridiculous number of toys in the picture.


Serving as the blankets to cover munchkin while in her Pack n Play and her Bouncy seat we have another crocheted blanket and this custom made froggy quilt from Marc’s co-worker and my mother in law’s co worker respectively.


And in this corner is the most awesome hat in the world…currently not appreciated by my hat-hating child, but loved by EVERYONE else (don’t worry she’ll come around). In case you can’t tell it’s a fish!!! Do you like that I’m holding it’s like it’s really a fish? Andrea…you’re awesome!


My ever handy father made this cradle for all the Knox Grandkids…even those without the last name Knox. This was the Munchkin’s sleep spot from the day she came home until just recently. The multiple bed sheets, such as this one with colorful stars are from the sewing machine of one awesome Memere. They’re much better than the boring ones she could have bought. She even made her own pattern…and all this from a Memere that really doesn’t enjoy sewing.


These two blankets are from the knitting needles of two wonderful ladies. The creator of the fishy hat made this green blanket, and the grandmother of a friend knit the yellow one—and I’ve only met her once!


These cute little bears are also from the hands of the wonderful grandma that made the yellow blanket up above. Because she didn’t know if it was a girl Munchkin or a boy Munchkin…she made one of each. The soft white blanket underneath the bear pair (oh what a poet I am), was gifted to us by a friend’s mother. I didn’t use it for a few months because it was perfect for her baptism and I wanted it to stay clean. But now it’s in the blanket rotation.


I looked all over for a shelf to put in the baby’s room. I had a lamp and radio to put on top and a place for books or toys and what have you. I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I begged and pleaded (actually I just asked nicely) with my dad to make me one…and now I have just what I wanted.


These awesome wall decals were mentioned in an earlier post. But they are from the artistic brain of Brandy.


This beautiful sweater comes from the hands of my crafty great aunt. Munchkin has some growing to do yet before it fits, but she will be warm and oh so cute when it does fit.


This little elf is showing off her colorful and cozy sweater made just for her by her Great Aunt Kathryn. It arrived to our door quite timely. Following the string of 70s and 80s (notice the munchkin’s bare legs) we’ve had some cold weather. And she’s been warm and cozy and oooh so cute. We get comments everywhere we go.


Here the munchkin is making good use of another handmade quilt. This quilt, however, it’s a well loved and passed on quilt that originally was a gift from Great Aunt Kathryn to Munchkin’s mommy to keep her warm and cozy when she was a little girl (for those of you not gifted in simple genealogy—that was my blanket Winking smile)

I think that is a complete accounting of all the handmade goodness that spoiled us. Tell me if I forgot something so I can add it and show off you awesome and much appreciated talent.

Believe it when I say that every single one of these items is loved and appreciated. They will be well cared for and passed for as long as we are able…for Munchkin’s siblings…or Munchkin’s munchkins (but we’re not thinking about that now) some day.


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