Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The little ones meet the Easter Bunny…

…or the flowers next to the Easter Bunny I’d say. You have to stand a certain distance back to use your own camera to take pictures. And the lighting and angle were less than ideal. The pictures I got aren’t the best. But I got pictures.

And the evidence shows, that while the kiddos were less than impressed with the unknown, slightly creepy rabbit they were sitting on…they didn’t cry. Well there’s always next year. Ha ha. I’m such a bad mother. My child’s refusal to look at a camera (especially when such interesting flowers are right there) is is full swing.


The Monkey Butt looked at the camera eventually…he did look up to check out the creepy bunny, but wasn’t sufficiently concerned. He trusts his aunts and memere way too much. Unfortunately my camera first was on video and then I dunno, so the pics aren’t so great Confused smile


The best pictures actually are from Wendy’s phone…ugh. Somehow she captured the one second that munchkin was looking at us.

Hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter (or Passover) weekend (you know, in case I slack and don’t post again this week)!!!

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Mark said...

The bunny's head seems dis proportionally big.