Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aren’t babies hard enough to figure out?


Ok so I needed to “upgrade” Autumn’s t-shirt collection. Well, her entire drawer really. We’ve hit 5 months—she’s out of 6-9 month clothing. WHAT THE HECK CHILD?!!

So, I go to the store…I stand there staring up and down the rack.

Newborn? (heck no, never needed those)

0-3? (moved on from those in January)

3-6? (Not too long ago we upgraded from those)

6-9? (That’s what we just grew out of…)

9-12?….. Um….yeah. So apparently my child will be naked for this period…

Since we can’t figure out our children, the children’s clothing company decided they too would play with new parents.

Do you know what is even better? Some children’s clothing companies do have size 9M clothing. Some clothing companies make 9M clothing (or 9-12 mos) in some articles of clothing and not in others…you know…just for fun.

So while this mother is trying to figure out what fits—because you know you can’t just have a five month old try on clothing. (Wouldn’t that be fun?)—clothing companies are hiding behind the clothing racks laughing. I swear I heard them…Or maybe I’m just paranoid?


And because I know it’s required….I present my growing machine sitting all by herself!

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