Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ea’ter Bunny Day

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve made a post…but we were busy.

We celebrated Ea’ter Bunny day, at Mark and Christine’s, with two of the cutest Ea’ter bunnies.


I love how we almost have a real smile from Autumn. At least she’s looking at the camera. Dylan sees a camera and knows he’s supposed to smile—even if it’s a cheesy smile (but it’s an awfully cute cheesy smile). Autumn sees a camera and very seriously and studiously stares at the camera.


(I love the fact that this picture captures the big wad of drool…yep, that’s how we roll. At least her eyes are smiling. )

We actually started Easter off with the Easter Vigil on Saturday at St. Leo’s where Peter was confirmed…and Wendy was baptized by Autumn (as was the kneeler and the floor). I’m so glad I decided to bring the entire diaper bag with the change of clothes; I had been debating on just throwing wipes and a diaper in my purse.

I didn’t plan the logistics of our Easter vigil outfits very well…froufrou slippery Autumn outfit plus slippery mommy outfit made the holding of the child a little more challenging than normal, but she was so cute it was worth it.

And since my family (Sarah…) feels the need to “borrow” my camera and be the paparazzi…there are some pictures to document the first family basketball I’ve participated in since 2009…it’s too dangerous to play with my family while pregnant. I managed to play a few games and not be sore the next day. I was shocked—and pleased!


But no doubt about it… Easter is an exhausting holiday.


There are so many big girl changes this week…that’ll just have to wait for the next post!

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