Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stepping out Sunday…

So I’m going to try to link up with Mandy from Harpers Happenings for her Stepping out Saturdays, but I’m doing it Sunday style. Since I don’t even need to dress up for work anymore, the dress code around here rarely veers from jeans and tees and rompers. But since we head off to church on Sundays, we try to change it up a bit. And since Autumn’s looking so cute, daddy cooperates for a photo session. And so I present Stepping Out Sunday…


Normally, the munchkin isn’t a cuddler…but today she was. And I’ll take all the baby cuddles I can get


Some Spitting action


Even Salem got in on the action.

On Autumn--dress: Carters (hand me down Smile); Long sleeve tee: Carters (garage sale snag from one of Autumn’s great aunts);Tights: Gaps Kids. On Mommy -- top: Body Central (the deals, oh the deals…I’m currently browsing the Summer catalog…such temptations); Camisole: Old Navy; Skirt: Old Navy; Necklace: Esty Shop LanOCrystal (gift from the Bro, SIL and Monkey Butt)

So I will be attempting to link up weekly…emphasis being placed heavily on attempting. As for the promised update on the every growing Munchkin…it’s coming, eventually.


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