Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Next she’ll be asking for the keys…

So I’m forcing myself to sit here back at the computer for a blog post because HOLY COW IS MY LITTLE GIRL GROWING UP!!! (yes, caps were/are necessary). Work has been nothing short of a blast lately—ugh. Luckily the torment and hate is supposed to draw to a close soon (Please Please Please be true). Our department has been fielding calls for something separate from our normal routine and it’s awful. For someone who likes to avoid conflict, this just flings it in my face. And so every night…as my shift draws to a close…I run screaming and yelling (I mean I would if I had a voice) from my computer.

But it’s been one thing after another over here—as Marc says, one day we’re gonna tell her that she never wanted to cuddle because she’s always had stuff to do (I cleaned that up a little--hehe). And he’s not kidding.

First, we have this….


And this


And this


One day right before Easter the munchkin decided she was going to sit up on her own, and after that there was no stopping her. She’ll go for 45 minutes of play without falling over. What a big girl!

Then, we decided to try this…


Autumn kept trying to swipe my cup, so I decided to buy a sippy cup. I figured she wasn’t old enough for it, but since we’d need it eventually I wasn’t wasting money. Well…she took to it and has probably had a bottle three times since (she’s still nursing twice a day, but other than that it’s all sippy cup). And, honestly, I think she prefers the sippy.

And what falls naturally into that progression is this…


Now pediatricians these days recommend that babies start solids after six months, but this girl was ready. Along with swiping mommy’s cup, the food was also a target. So I decided to see if Autumn wanted some applesauce…silly question. She loved it…and we have slowly been building up her menu options ever since.

To add to her growing resume, yesterday Autumn rolled over for the first time (I think she has her sitting and rolling backwards, but to each their own) from front to back. She’s not proficient yet, and still gets stuck on her stomach, but it’s only a matter of time before she is a rolling maniac. I’m so sure of this, the baby gates have been installed.

She falls asleep so easily and quickly (thanks to daddy’s genetics I’m sure) and just recently we’ve eliminated the swaddling from the nighttime routine. I think she falls asleep even faster without it now (but it was a saving grace for quite a while).


She’s so much fun right now; you’d never know mad baby ever existed. Ms. Crazy Personality—she shrieks and eats our faces and get so excited over kitties and the huge truck filling cracks on our street.  Everyday begins with a huge smile and is a new and awesome adventure. Stay tuned!

I leave you with the best expression ever. I don’t think she likes the grass in her face. What do you think?


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