Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The best day off. EVER.

So who has been delinquent in her blog postings?

*looks around*

*sheepishly raises hand*

*Hurries to distract with an adorable baby*


I can’t blame work, because it’s back to roses and butterflies…tee hee…maybe not that awesome, but way way way better. But I’ve been in a crafting groove—and it’s blogging or crafting. Crafting is winning. But since I have to wait for paint to dry, I decided to let you into our day off a few Fridays back.

I took the day off to go to Heidi’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Gallery for the Graphic Design Program. She didn’t know I was coming as I’m usually working. I was excited both by getting a day of on what was later named the worst day of work ever and surprising Heidi. Well, I was quite surprised the next day when Marc told me he had the day off (now mind you, he pissed me off first by refusing to get up for work…lol). And then he told me he took it off for us to go to the zoo…my favorite place ever…a zoo, any zoo, but the one here is just fine.

It started off looking cloudy and cold but it cleared up. And we had a wonderful day off.

Since the bears were moving around, it caught Autumn’s eye…but she really wasn’t sure what to make of it.



I have always found the vultures to be rather dull. But something was up with them this day. There was a keeper hiding behind a bush monitoring them. The vulture was running around grabbing a stick here or a leaf there and holding it in it’s mouth like a dog would. It was hilarious.


There was a VERY loud cow that apparently was an attention hog. She would moo very loudly if someone wasn’t looking at her.


And OMG…a baby gorilla. Autumn was transfixed by the gorillas. It was so cute.


I thought the tigers were cool. Autumn could care less…the same for most of the animals—including the majestic lions.


But the giraffes…Oh did we love the giraffes! She could have stared all day.



But, a day at the zoo was exhausting…and we couldn’t take a stroller into the Rainforest, so it was a no go this day. Booo…But we have a zoo membership. I will be back! Who else is coming?


Finished off our day with a quick run to the grocery store. It was munchkin’s first time sitting up in the seat of the shopping cart. What a big girl! Mommy is so happy—it makes grocery shopping much easier.DSC02270

Later, we surprised Heidi at her gallery. It was very nice—Autumn even dressed for the event. Mommy slacked and didn’t take a single picture.

We need to have days like that more often. It was so great!!!

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