Monday, November 8, 2010

Computer Fail

I'm back to blogging the "Old-fashioned" way at the moment. That is I'm using the Google Blogger page to post. Windows Live Writer hates me at the moment. It hates me in a total and complete way. I won't open, but that doesn't prevent it from chomping up all my memory. And the Mail program...well don't get me started. Even a non-techy (ok I'm semi-techy) knows the mail program shouldn't be using 100,000K.

I have created a Honey-do list. It's called "Please fix my computer."

So the Chronicles of the Unemployed will soon be coming to an end. Yes, I have a job. Well...I have to pass the background check and drug screening. As long as excessive-Halloween-candy-eating isn't illegal, that's no big deal.

What will I be doing? Well, call center customer service for International Clients of this Four-letter-acronym-ed named financial center. I was hired for my Spanish. I'm hoping that means I get to use it. This is the job I mentioned a while ago. I guess I wasn't too overqualified.

I will be working second shift, and I'm not looking forward to missing my dinners with the hubs. That's a good time to check in with each other. I have to make extra efforts to eat well too. I hate cooking for myself--usually I don't eat lunch when no one else is home. I know, I know, not good. And I hate bagged lunches, especially sandwiches. Heck I never eat a sandwich at home either. I eat all the parts, the bread, the meat and the cheese, but not in sandwich form. I'm taking suggestions.

Well, I must go get drug tested. I'm going to chug a glass of water and be on my way.

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