Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BKFF (Best Kitty Friends Forever)

Autumn has recently discovered that there are two other “things” in her house (because we know we don’t run this place anymore) that move. Just within the last few days when the cats cross her line of vision, they become the newest all engrossing object of adoration (read as: thing to stare at).

Cat tails, are very interesting. Salem and Jasmine just you wait! I have happened upon the kitties and Autumn napping together—no where near being harmful no worries. I’m convinced Autumn naps better when Jasmine is around. It’s pretty ironic really—Jasmine would leave the room the minute Autumn cried at the beginning and is now the one to pay the most attention to her. As Jasmine is the more laidback of the two, I don’t mind that at all. As it is, Salem and Jasmine are going to be her Best Kitty Friends.


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