Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sieve

(or, since I’m a fan of alternate titles, “The post Sarah was wondering if I’d every get to”)

The other day, after asking my mom to remind me to stop over at my Grandpa’s, she called me a Sieve. No term has more accurately described my brain of late than that term. Everyday, many, many, many times a day the words “Where is my cell phone” come out of my mouth.  I walk into a room to do one thing, only to leave it without accomplishing the task…some of this has to do with a little sleep deprivation (I know, I know, my kid sleeps through the night. But Marc works, then I work when he gets home. So I stay up too late to spend time with him—and the morning wake up call comes no later than eight…).

There are some things, however, you should not do when sleep deprived. One of those things is this:


Hanging Shelves…especially when that requires math…not such a good idea. Because you will end up with this:


A wall that needs patching, priming and painting. Yeah…reading 144 inches as 14’ 4” does not a centered shelf make.

Because Sarah and I so successfully completed one projected (complete with rehanging and spackling the wall), we decided to do another. But this time we had adequate supervision:


See who is in charge of the tape measure? This project turned out with much less fanfare (that’s good…it means we didn’t mess up).

DSC01808(Sherri, recognize those sconces? Yep, wedding present. Only took just shy of three years to put up)

But before the job is complete, the supervisor must do a final inspection.


It’s serious business these inspections. She seems to approve…as does the baby in the mirror.

Now I just need to paint over the primed and spackled holes, rehang the shelves and then accessorize. I already know the main item…Our Wedding Present from Heidi (but we just got this one THIS CHRISTMAS—slacker lol). It’s pretty nice isn’t it? Marc and I in our younger years…


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