Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slow that baby down

No seriously, can we? Seriously, the munchkin is FOUR months old already. Count ‘em…1…2…3…4…I used almost all of my fingers on the right hand (or was it my left?) to count that high. I’m not ok with that.

Well, maybe I am, kinda…because it seems like over a period of hours my child developed a personality. Not even exaggerating. I can tell you when it happened. It happened Sunday. We celebrated my new decade (just a few weeks late) and then we went home. As Marc was changing Autumn, she started hamming it up. And she hasn’t stopped since. She has become such a goofball. It’s so much fun around this house now—seriously. We may have even vanquished Mad Baby (give me a high five!!!).


In just the last week or so we’ve made some headway into understanding what makes the munchkin tick. And what makes her tick is our new found schedule. I have discovered that she wakes up before she is truly done getting her needed sleep. And we used to get her up when she cried (thanks to some random comment on some random baby site), I no longer do that. Not unless I get the wide eyed, busy tailed “Mommy, I’m awake” Smile. No smile, nap isn’t over. And what a huge difference it makes. I get breakfast AND a shower in the morning and housework done in the after noon.


I have also discovered that the little girl is very happy at keeping herself entertained for decent spans of time. AKA…more housework, usually laundry. She’s quite the persistent little girl and has become Miss Grabby. In just a week she went from swinging and missing at things in front of her, to adeptly snatching things directly in front of her. She still isn’t super skilled to the right and left, but she’s getting there. Watch out! In fact she grabs at the toys attached to her bouncer chair and gets sooo mad when she can’t put them into her mouth.


So, we’re all learning in leaps and bounds. She can sit propped up quite well…not on her own yet. But it’s only a matter of time, because when you go to lay her down she’ll tighten her abs and fight it.  She can hold up her head when she’s on her tummy like a champ (but that’s really nothing new). She’s slowly adding the grabbing routine to her tummy skills, but it’s not really something she can brag about yet.

She naps in her crib now, but is still in the cradle in Mommy and Daddy’s room at night, because Mommy isn’t ready quite yet to move her out. But we know she accepts her crib as a sleeping place, and I’m pretty sure that will be a smooth transition (*knocks on wood*).

The munchkin has developed the cutest little belly and baby rolls. Can you say chubby legs? We had to upgrade to the regular sized cloth diapers already. We’ll get the official measurements (and her four month shots) on Friday.


Oh, yeah. Munchkin also had her first haircut. It was a little nerve-wracking endeavor for us. But we did it. It was mostly a trimming of the long crazy baby hairs flopping about on her head and evening up the back. But all was accomplished without injury to mommy, daddy, or baby.





We’ve spent some time getting all acquainted with the Monkey Butt…but some one needs to teach that kid boundaries. As in you don’t lift girls’ skirts…


Or look down their shirts…(for the record that was right before he totally pulled my neckline out…


It’s been a busy week, not to mention month, of growing, changing and being. I’m sure now that it’s started we’re just going to accelerate to college…anyone know where they hide the pause button on these baby units?



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