Monday, March 12, 2012

Window Shopping

(So I wrote this blog on Friday…it chose not to post at it’s scheduled time…)

When the season’s start to change, I get the urge to shop. Particularly from Winter to Spring and Summer to Fall. Well this year has been a little different, as I have no idea what my size will be once I stop nursing—and online shopping is tricky because clothing fits me differently now.  Also, I’m working part time and from home. I don’t have a need to dress up—practically never. I’m trying to be good about my purchases.

So what do I do? I online “window” shop.

Sites with expiring sales are the best. I browse, add things to my cart and when I think maybe I’ll buy it—it’s gone. No buyer’s remorse. I’ll probably break down as it gets a little nicer outside. I emptied out my closet back in January I think and sent Sarah home with a ton of clothes that just isn’t going to fit me anymore…or for quite a while. She might as well wear it, rather than have it take up storage space in my closet. Autumn stole our extra dresser for a changing table so…less space to keep things too.

Then there are the clothes for munchkin. Thankfully I am too practical for my whim or I’d be in seriously trouble. Little girl clothes? Have you seen it?  That and the fact that my child currently is growing like a weed. I have no idea what size she’ll be in which season.  We’ll find out tomorrow how much this growth spurt continues…

that and shots….Sad smile 

Fun to come!

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