Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A whole lotta weekend


Shots. Suck. Autumn had her four month shots on Friday. I think she knows that the doctor is the mean man—she cried before she even got her shots. But luckily the shots don’t usually bother her until the next day (and oh she was unhappy in the morning—nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t fix) because we had a wedding to attend. I could have gotten a babysitter, but I would have been worried about how she was feeling. If she was cranky I’d just leave early. But my little girl was sooooo good. She got a lot of loving from her Memere and her Aunts, not to mention her mommy and daddy. I was nice to have something to dress up for. Now that I work from home and have this adorable munchkin, I don’t have much cause to get all dolled up. I had fun.


My child simply refuses to look at the camera.

Saturday was a Mommy Downer day…I was full of the gloom. Luckily, we had a chance to head over to some friends house for some baby face time (you know, the old fashioned non iPad/iPod/iPhone meaning). The kiddos still haven’t made super successful introductions, but they did stare at each other…next time.

Sunday was an impromptu decision to go celebrate a cutie pie turn three.  Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!IMG_4946

Autumn and I got there in time to have cake before our dinner. The munchkin has decided that taking a nap in the carseat or while being held isn’t cool. And that made for a long morning in church and birthday present shopping…without a nap. So I let her sleep and arrived to the party late to avoid a repeat of Mad Baby (who hasn’t shown up at this house in over a week—yay!)


Look at all those pictures of my cutie (yeah still not looking at the camera)—not a single one with her mother. No wonder I can never find many with the two of us. If it’s because I’m not holding her when there is a camera around, that’s because you people don’t let me.


Look at those beautiful flowers. It’s been so nice outside I had to bring some Spring in the house. You can never go wrong with flowers from Aldi. See fellows, cheap, pretty and makes a girl happy—but I bought these myself.


I finally finished the project that was begun and bumbled badly. I patched the wall, painted, put up the shelves. Just need to finish deciding what to put on the shelves.



I’ll send you on your way with a picture of the munchkin—looking at the camera (only took like ten pictures). Not that you can tell here, but she was jabbering away. Quite the talker these days, at least to mom and dad.



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